C-DAC: Press Kit - Archives(In the News - Year 2003)

Year 2003

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In the News Date
Supercomputing in India Jan 15
Virtual library to overcome barriers of language and time Jan 29
IBM to focus on Govt. Applications Feb 02
प्रीती राव यांना यंदाचा 'आयटी वूमन' पुरस्कार Feb 22
C-DAC restructuring to focus on R&D Feb 12
Govt. announces C-DAC merger Feb 12
C-DAC asset base to touch Rs. 200 Crore after Merger of R&D Institutes
Feb 12
तीन संशोधन संस्थांचे 'सी-डॅक' मध्ये विलीनीकरण Feb 12
Govt. to merge three R&D institutions with C-DAC Feb 14
Pune is HQ for Software Inc. Feb 17
More News on the Merger
Digital Library
National Gallery to turn its pictures into pixels Feb 17
C-DAC revamped to focus on R&D Feb 18
New mainframe at ER&DCI Feb 22
Tagore on your wall and as good as the original Mar 04
HP, C-DAC launch program to digitalize art Mar 04
National Gallery to turn its pictures into pixels Mar 04
Tagore, Shergill to go digital in tech city Mar 04
Digital presentation of art Mar 05
HP, C-DAC join hands for digital library Mar 05
Information on Digital Library
India joins the teraflop league Mar
C-DAC: Taking the Open Source Route Mar
To the aid of the hearing impaired Mar 06
Vernacular Computing market set to bloom in India Mar 16
Bridging the gap between scientists Mar 23
MIDC's market gimmick expressway is smartway Mar 28
India-Russia: Tryst with Science & Technology
Government strengthens support to Linux Mar 30
C-DAC crosses another milestone Apr 01
'India should be ready for technological war' Apr 02
C-DAC promised greater outlay Apr 02
PARAM Padma launched Apr 02
C-DAC unveils terascale supercomputer Apr 02
Escort services for techies going abroad Apr 02
India enters supercomputing league Apr 02
India joins 'teraflop' club Apr 02
PARAM Padma takes India to Big 5 league Apr 02
Nation's most powerful computer unveiled Apr 02
India unveils huge supercomputer Apr 02
C-DAC unveils country's new supercomputer Apr 02
C-DAC tunes up for teraflops with iGrid Apr 02
India's most powerful supercomputer unveiled Apr 02
Information on C-DAC's Tera-Scale Supercomputing Facility
In a virtual university, there are no teachers Apr 08
'PARAM Padma will affect the common man' Apr 16
'From the 'Gamble' to the 'Neighbour' Apr 24
India's Own Teraflop Wonder Apr 27
Revamped IT ministry exhibits prowess Apr 29
C-DAC's set top box Apr 29
C-DAC FY04 target Apr 29
C-DAC unveils 4 new products Apr 29
Four new products launched by C-DAC Apr 30
C-DAC displays new set-top box Apr 30
PARAM Timeline
C-DAC in for a makeover to ensure quality May 01
DeitY homes in on desi research bodies to deliver goods May 07
DeitY crafts Rs. 150-lakh Linux initiative May 08
C-DAC training course on cyber forensics May 09
Software guys click on local languages May 11
Merger of IT R&D bodies: a sign of the times May 19
PMC seeks C-DAC help to map city May 28
C-DAC to make fresh land-use maps May 28
IT Training in India June 06
eGovernance solutions should be developed in-house June 13
State of the art IT training course in India June 23
IICT students to get JNTU degrees June 25
JNTU mulls PG course in Bioinformatics June 25
CSEB to go hi-tech with C-DAC's help June 30
Xilinx tools for C-DAC students July 01
Programmable Logic July 01
New 'Internet' network soon July 05
India joins 'Top 500' supercomputing club July 10
ePublishing: The new Indian niche July 10
Revolutionize Internet Usage July 11
PARAM Padma: Super Success July 14
Softbridge Solutions LTD, Japanese venture company is starting IT training program in India July 15
Biodiversity management committee for city soon July 16
Click for that expensive book now, its free July 17
Bring the great masters to your home, digitally July 24
C-DAC hands over KAVERI to Karnataka Aug 14
C-DAC hands over KAVERI to Karnataka Aug 14
KAVERI handed over Aug 14
C-DAC's Linux Initiatives Aug
Marriage registrations take the IT route Aug 15
Listen to the new India, hear success ring in your ears Aug 15
C-DAC firms up renewed R&D agenda Aug 21
C-DAC chalks out new R&D Agenda Aug 21
माहिती तंत्रज्ञान उद्योगाला पोषक नियमावली लवकरच जाहीर करणार Aug 25
Making the most of a head start Aug 29
G.B. Pant Hospital to be computerized soon Sept 03
MoU signed between DHS and C-DAC Sept 04
C-DAC Draws Up R&D Expansion, Plans iGRID Facility In Hyderabad Sept 11
अरोरा यांची नियुक्ती Sept 11
Hi-tech tools to tackle cyber crimes Sept 13
Desi Software To 'Fingerprint' PC Contents Sept 16
Now, log in in any of 11 tongues Sept 17
C-DAC Software Sept 18
C-DAC unveils IndiX on Linux platform Sept 27