C-DAC: Press Kit - Archives(In the News - Year 2001)

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In the News Date
Language support Jan 04
R.K. Arora governor at C-DAC Jan 06
C-DAC launches ISM2000 Jan 08
C-DAC launches Indian language solution Jan 08
C-DAC launches desi software Jan 08
C-DAC launches ISM 2000 Indian language solution Jan 08
State to make legislators computer savvy Jan 20
C-DAC From PARAM to eGovernance Feb
C-DAC looks to raise venture capital funds Feb 05
C-DAC plans major push to PARAM in global markets Feb 08
C-DAC starts work on parallel processors Feb 10
C-DAC to unfold health software Mar 23
High-end computing remains priority, says C-DAC Director Mar 23
Foundation Day Glimpses: Mar 27
C-DAC develops Telemedicine solution Apr 03
C-DAC flashes slew of strategies for the New Age Apr 07
C-DAC to develop search engine for Indian languages Apr 08
C-DAC seen corporatized in one year Apr 09
C-DAC wins award for Hindi software May 21
C-DAC develops slew of multilingual software May 21
'Supercomputers can predict stock market trends' Jul 06
C-DAC plans for supercomputer on target Jul 07
'Artificial Intelligence comes out of the labs' Aug 06
E-Learning the new mantra Aug 08
Call to combine E-Learning and classroom teaching techniques Aug 08
C-DAC executes DNA project Aug 08
Hampi, as it was! Aug 14
C-DAC to partner IDCs, ASPs for financial software Sep 05
C-DAC to launch software for capital markets Sep 05
Tired of Admission Queues? Go Online Sep 08
Govt, industry come together to develop indigenous IT technologies Sep 12
Genes on Fast Track Sep 24
City-based armament lab remains under U.S. sanctions Oct 06
Business Chat on Indiatimes Chat Oct 15
PARAM Power - Interview with Shri. R.K. Arora Oct 15
C-DAC to unveil state-of-the-art newsroom system Oct 17
C-DAC, ITG to provide eGovernance tools Oct 17
C-DAC's automated system for DNA analysis Oct 17
Massive campaign to update electoral rolls Oct 21
Newsroom solution from C-DAC Oct 20
Taking the IT revolution to grassroots Nov 03
C-DAC's optical character recognition software by year-end Nov 10
C-DAC to offer advanced course in hardware Nov 14
C-DAC launches MANAS Nov 23
New product from C-DAC Nov 23
Computers to man PMC octroi posts Nov 24
Document registration in 24 minutes flat! Nov 24
C-DAC holds Road Show Nov 26
C-DAC to organize Road Show on eGovernance Nov 26
C-DAC launches MANAS Nov 27
'Tooning' up for more action, adventure Nov 27
Award for C-DAC Nov 28
C-DAC to leverage ACTS for eGovernance Nov 28
National norm for language computing gets on its way Dec 04
Interview with Shri. R.K. Arora in Education Times Dec 04
Technology is people oriented - Dr. S.C. Purohit (Director, C-DAC) Dec 12
Shri. R.K. Arora - Visionary with a difference Dec 17
C-DAC initiates monitoring system Dec 14
IT majors seen betting big on R&D Dec 19
NMRC multimedia seminar evokes good response Dec 24
Glimpse of PARAM leaves them thrilled Dec 29