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EduBOSS - Educational variant of BOSS Linux is a full-featured, user-friendly Linux operating system. It has educational applications that are useful for schools (primary and higher levels). Adapted from BOSS GNU/Linux, it features graphical installer, Office Application Suite, an Onscreen Keyboard, Smart Common Input Method, Web browser, Educational games, Paint & Graphics tools, Typing tutor, Screen reader, Text to Speech Application and a host of tools and packages for learning, and also for teaching.

EduBOSS comes in a single DVD easily installable on a Desktop. It also contains utility with add-on applications.

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Name of the Group : EduBOSS

Detailed Address :C-DAC, Tidel Park, 8th Floor, D Block (South),
                                    No.4 Rajiv Gandhi Salai,
                                    Chennai - 600 113

Name :Vidhiyalakshmi A
Contact Number : +91-44-22542226

Email Id : vidhiyalakshmia(at)cdac(dot)in