C-DAC E-Learning

C-DAC has developed a number of indigenous solutions for content management, evaluation and assessment, virtual classroom, collaboration for elearning domain. Some of the solutions are listed below.

  • e-Shikshak is a learning management system with rich support for Indian languages.
  • National Online Examination System (NOES) is an examination system primarily aimed at conducting recruitment.
  • Online Labs (Olabs) for school lab experiments provides students with the ease and convenience of conducting experiments over the Internet.
  • Veda is a general purpose online testing and question banking system, primarly supporting multiple choice questions (including its variant forms such as match the following).
  • Video conferencing solutions for building virtual classrooms supporting synchronous lectures are also available from C-DAC.
  • e-Saadhya (SaralAnukulaneyAdhyayan) an Adaptable and Accessible e-Learning framework for the children with mild mental retardation and Autism, is being developed with the domain support from National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped (NIMH) with local language support in three Indian languages Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.
  • An Academic Networking portal for the faculty members, students, and academic institutions to network and share information about courses, academic events, projects, etc. has been created through a portal called SEEKHA (www.seekha.in)