CCAT System

An Image based , LAN based, secure , fault tolerant and scalable system through which examinations can be delivered "on demand" basis in selected examination centres spread across the country.

System Support:

  • Decentralized mode of operation(LAN based)
  • Question Paper approach
  • Multi lingual and multi subject support
  • Browser based

Components of the CCAT System Includes:

  • Registration System- To register the candidate for examination.
  • Authoring Tool -To generate an image based encrypted question paper.
  • Examination System -To manage the examination related activity and conduct- i.e Registration data and question paper uploading, conduct of examination, response generation
  • Result Processing System -To generate the result for the particular examination and paper.

Salient Features :

  • Provides end to end security as Question paper is encrypted and decrypted just minutes prior to the examination.
  • Highly Scalable and support up-to 1000 candidate per center per session.
  • Highly fail safe with ability to resume exam on the last saved state.
  • Isolated examination Network unconnected to any other network including Internet.
  • Simple and user friendly interface for Candidate
  • Minimal Requirements on the client machine (just a compatible browser).
  • Minimum Server requirement at each exam centre (2 Laptops -> one for redundancy).
  • Question paper independent of languages, font and symbols
  • Resilient to server failures
  • Identical URL for Mock test and Actual exam
  • Provides end -to-end audit log

For Further Details Please Contact:
NOES Division
Academic Block , B-30,Institution Area,
Sector - 62,Noida - 201307,UP,India
Ph. No: 0120-3063371-73
email: pritirazdan[at]cdac[dot]in