Tamper Evident Recorder and Player


Tamper Evident Recorder and Player is a system which is designed to capture and store multiple forms of information e.g. Audio, Video, Time, Place, and Bio-metric [finger print] in a tamper evident manner. The recorded information can easily be played on any available player.

The basic objective of the system is to avoid the unauthorized distribution, duplication, modification by digitally signing the recorded information and documents and thus maintaining the integrity & authenticity.


  • Captures audio, video, time, place, device information, biometric information.
  • Bundle all the recorded information together.
  • Saves a digitally signed copy.
  • Prints summary of the recording.
  • Integrity of data can be checked.
  • Recorded information can be played on easily available player.

Application Areas

  • Police investigation to collect evidences in tamper evident manner.
  • To record events, meetings, conversion.
  • To record court room proceedings & judiciary
  • In Interrogation room.
  • All other possible areas where data need to be recorded in authentic and tamper evident manner.

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