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Modern Cybersecurity threats such as Ransomware, APT, Botnets, and Fileless malwares are considered as Multi-Stage attacks. Most of multi-stage attacks evade discovery as most endpoint protection products focus on one of the stages of an attack and are reactive in nature. Multistage attack hides the entire activity chain preventing security experts from perceiving the entire context of the attack. C-DAC has developed the E-Samarthak which will detect and predict the Multistage attack over the host and network by leveraging the machine learning techniques with MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

Use Cases

This solution has majorly two use cases as mentioned below:-

  • Malware Analysis Platform

  • End System product (complementary Feature)

The first use case is the Malware Analysis Platform which offers Static, Dynamic and Network Analysis. The Static Analysis will inspect the malware sample without executing it and pass it to the machine learning model. The model facilitates in detecting the malicious binaries and later maps the binary with the MITRE Framework.

The dynamic analysis offers a customizable platform that enables users to execute malicious executables in a sandbox environment. The platform provides various customizable options for executing the malware. Upon execution of the malware, collected artefacts could be used for further manual inspection or feds to the offline ML models for malware identification. Network analysis will inspect all the network traffic to detect malign flows.

Salient Features
  • Application/Malware sandbox

    • Offers an automated and isolated environment to run & test potential malicious binaries

  • Adversary Technique

    • Attack visualisation mapped with MITRE ATT&CK

  • Visualise Attack

    • Enrich the detection by leveraging MITRE ATT&CK

  • AI/ML

    • Lightweight AI/ML models for detecting advanced threats

  • Network Attacks

    • Detects network attacks and provides greater visibility

  • Endpoint Security

    • Discovers new threat and attacks and mitigate risks at endpoints


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Name - Mr. Sai Gopal T

Email - esuraksha@cdac.in