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Our wide range of products, services and solutions are designed to cater to a large market ranging from health care systems, datawarehousing, multimedia and multilingual technologies, networking solutions to technical consultancy, training and eGovernance solutions.

Technology Advancement and Proliferation (TAP)

C-DAC has consolidated its activities into the following thirteen Technology advancement and Proliferation verticals..


High Performance, Grid and Cloud Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) plays an important role in both scientific..

Multilingual Computing & Heritage Computing

India is a unique country in the world having 22 scheduled languages besides heritage languages..

Strategic Electronics

Power Electronics systems, Power systems, Power quality and EV solutions..

Software Technologies including FOSS

The objective of C-DAC in software technology research is to foster R&D activities..

Cyber Security

Increased Internet penetration has given exponential rise in sophisticated attacks..

Quantum Computing

Quantum technology exploits the physical phenomenon of atomic and subatomic particles..

Health Informatics

Health Informatics technologies help to improve quality of healthcare, reduce medical errors..

Education & Training

C-DAC's Education and Training programmes are aimed at creating skilled manpower..

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