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As per the eGovernance standards of character encoding for Indian-languages, all government web applications should be in Unicode. Standardization is one of the baselines to be followed in localization. Standardization means to follow certain universally accepted standards so that developers from any part of the globe can interact through the application. The worldwide encoding standard ‘Unicode’ provides code points to every alphabet of the world. In order to achieve this objective, "Development of Unicode Converter" is being undertaken by C-DAC Mohali.

All the major operating systems, browsers, editors, word processors, applications, and tools support Unicode so it is necessary to use Indian languages and scripts in the Unicode environment, which will resolve the compatibility issue.

The tool is available at TDIL website for free download:

Salient Features
  • Converts font based Punjabi text to Unicode characters and Unicode hash code.
  • Can convert one font-based text to another font-based text.
  • Supports conversion of 300 Punjabi fonts to Unicode.
  • Works on .txt, .html, .htm, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx files.
  • In-built basic word editor.
  • Has an English-Punjabi and Punjabi-English Dictionary (around 48,000 words).
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Dr. Suneet Madan
Scientist- E & Head, Human Computer Interface Division
C-DAC Mohali, A-34, Phase VIII, Industrial Area, Mohali – 160071
e-mail: suneet[at]cdac[dot]in
Phone No.:  +91-172-6619034