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Ultrasonic Solid propellant Burnrate Measurement

USBMS is an ultrasonic pulse echo device for the measurement of burning rate of solid propellant specimen used in rocket motors. Propellant burning rate is the most important ballistic property required for performance prediction of solid-propellant motors.



Use Cases

Solid propellant motors are used in booster stages of rockets/missiles. The application of the ultrasonic pulse-echo technique is to measure the instantaneous burning rate of propellant. It involves transmission of an ultrasonic pulse through the web of the propellant and reception of the reflected echo pulse from the burning surface/combustion gas interface by the same transducer.

Salient Features
    • Mode of operation: Pulse echo mode
    • Pulse repetition frequency: 100 to 1000Hz
    • Ultrasonic frequency: 1MHz
    • No of channel: 2
    • Pressure channel bandwidth :DC to 1 KHz
    • Internal memory : 1 GB
    • Data interface : LAN
    • Platform required(if any)

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