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SuMegha Cloud Builder

SuMegha is a Scientific Cloud providing cost effective and scalable HPC to researchers and organizations. It offers convenient access to reliable HPC clusters and storage, without the need to purchase and maintain sophisticated hardware. It gives on-demand access to virtual resources, i.e., servers, storage, network, software and applications for researchers to solve their compute-data intensive problems.  SuMegha Scientific Cloud Stack is particularly useful for academic institutes and research organizations to establish their own private HPC cloud. It enables setting up a private scientific cloud capable of on-demand provisioning of Virtual OpenMP, MPI and Hadoop Clusters.

Use Cases
  • Auto installation of cloud stack to establish HPC cloud
  • Creation of Virtual clusters and Virtual machines on-demand easily and quickly
  • Provides HPC PaaS with OpenMP, MPI and Map-Reduce parallel environments
  • Facilitates Cloud administration and offers Virtual infrastructure of various image sizes
  • SuMegha Portal provides secure access and management of cloud services for multiple users
Salient Features
  • Private HPC cloud to do scientific application development
  • SuMegha Cloud portal for Virtual Machine and Virtual Cluster creation and management
  • Exclusive network for secured Access of cloud based HPC resources
  • Job Submission portal for MPI applications
  • Support for Cloud Computing, HPC, Big Data, along with extensive Lab Manual
  • Golden Image repository for creation of VM and Virtual Clusters
Technical Specifications

  • CentOS Version 7.9
  • Python v2.7
  • Sun Java Version 1.7
  • Libvirt version 4.5.0



Platform Required (if any)

  • KVM Hypervisor
  • SuMegha Cloud Portal
  • Openstack Cloud Middleware
  • Post production scripts to provide HPC Virtual Clusters
  • Golden images with CentOS, OpenMP


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