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MR Image Visualization

The proposed project is a sub module of the umbrella project of development of an IMRI project. It has been framed, based on the requirements of development of Indigenous MR imaging system.

CDAC, Kolkata has developed the sub project i.e. development of software for MR Image Visualization.

In the current project, modules developed and integrated helps the clinicians to visualize  MR images and are related to Diffusion Imaging, Perfusion Imaging, Segmentation and statistical models.

The developed modules are validated based on output generated by CDAC software as compared to different scanner data.

Use Cases
  • The finished product is used by radiologists for MR Image Visualization.
  • It is used for educational purposes.
Salient Features
  • Generation of Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) and Fractional Anisotropy (FA/cFA) maps under Diffusion Imaging
  • Generation of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (DCE) and Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast (DSC) maps under Perfusion Imaging
  • Segmentation and De-noising of MR Images

Technical Specifications

  • Desktop version
  • Easy user interface



Platform Required (if any)


OS: Windows 7/8/10; Ram: 4GB or more; HDD: 40 GB or more


Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Advanced Signal Processing Group
Email: kunal[dot]chanda[at]cdac[dot]in