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Linguistic Translator Workbench


The GIST- Linguistic Translator Workbench has been designed to cater for a heavy demand for assisting translators in undertaking fast localization of documents and web content.

GIST-Linguistic Translator workbench is powerful and easy to use translation editor equipped with built-in translation assets like Prediction engine, Named Entity Identification and Tagging, Transliteration, Translation Memories, Glossary, WordNet to name a few. This makes the translation process simple and reduces the time for doing the actual translation. Translators can to name a few.

Key Features in Brief:

  • Online as well as Offline Mode
  • Translator and Reviewer Mode
  • Segment Status for Translator as well as Reviewer.
  • Translator assisted by
    1. Mark and Transliteration with tagging
    2. Indian language auto complete
    3. Named Entity Identification
    4. Leveraging machine translation webservices
    5. Synonym with Wordnet as a service
    6. Generic quality check(length, space ,symbol ,digit, Unicode)
    7. Indian language Typing
    8. Onscreen Keyboard
    9. Importing Translation Memory
    10. AutoSave
  • Validator mode
    1. Additional support for SAE J2450 Quality Metric
  • Supports
    1. Universally accepted standard XLIFF file format
    2. auto-update

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