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Interactive and Intelligent Museum

An interactive experience where the visitor can know more about the objects in the exhibit.

The present system with a transparent screen adjusts itself to the height of the visitor. Once adjusted, the eyeball tracker and facial expression recorder attached to it records the amount of time viewer spends on each object of the exhibit and facial expression associated with it.

The system analyses the eye movement and facial expression of the visitor to prioritize the viewing object. Once the object is prioritized, a display light is used to highlight it and a voice over is used to explain the details about the object.

The visitor gets a more interactive, informative and satisfactory experience reflecting his/her cognitive thinking of viewing the exhibit.

Use Cases
  • The finished product is used for giving a more interactive, informative and satisfactory experience to the visitor of a museum.
  • It is used for educational purposes
Salient Features
  • Analysis of the time series generated by the eye ball tracker and detection of most attentive region by generating a heat map.
  • Creating an Attention Value Model relevant to exhibit of the museum.
  • Analysis of Facial Expression at the time of capturing the Attention to categorize the intensity of interest for the particular exhibit.
  • Face recognition of the visitor.
  • Speech recognition of the visitor to identify the name, age, mobile number and preferred language of the visitor.

Technical Specifications

  • The system analyzes cognitive aspects of the visitor and gathers information regarding taste and preferences of the visitor.
  • The system is easy to implement.
  • The system require no skilled personnel for its operation in the field.
  • The system is user-friendly in nature.
  • The system demonstrates a combined feature of education with entertainment.
  • The system is capable of providing a lively experience to the user.



Platform Required (if any)


OS: Windows 7/8/10; Ram: 4GB or more; HDD: 40 GB or more


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Advanced Signal Processing Group

Email: kunal[dot]chanda[at]cdac[dot]in