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Imaging and vision development tool(IVDT) is a graphical programming framework for developing image processing and vision logic for visual inspection of product/process inline with the emerging industrial trends requirements. powerful vision libraries help researchers/developers to configure customized vision applications in ivdt. framework provides vision standard communication protocols to interface with industrial camera and smart camera. ivdt has configuration and simulation mode to create and validate the vision logic before executing on the target platform.

This frame work generates vision logic & configurations to the design and deployment of vision jobs for industrial vision solutions. framework is used to configure and validate the machine vision and imaging logic using image processing and vision algorithms libraries. visual programming language (vpl) makes life simple for users to implement image processing tasks. offline mode is available to connect image source to configure job, monitor and analyse the vision logic with help of display manager. deploy manager packages configured vision application can be ported and executed in targets like pcs (windows & linux), embedded platforms (gpu based) and smart cameras

Salient Features


  • Medical Field- enhance the image for improving the diagnosis process, segmentation and texture analysis etc.
  • Traffic - vehicle detection, number plate detection
  • Computer /machine vision: identify things, Defect detection, Edge detection, object counting
  • Pattern recognition using Machine learning (SVM, NaiveBayes, Decision Tree
  • Object detection using Deep learning (Yolo, Haar Cascade,SSD MobileNetV1)
  • Object classificationusing Deep learning
  • Optical Character Recognition(OCR)
  • Code scanner-Barcode/QR code Reading 


  • Image correction, Filtering, sharpening and Resolution correction using image processing algorithms. Image polishing and restoration manipulate images to achieve the desired output. It includes conversion, sharpening, blurring, detecting edges, retrieval, and recognition of images.
  • Imagecompression
  • Feature extraction
  • Image segmentation
  • Classification
  • Color processing 


  • Fast & Flexible Development Tool
  • Graphical Development Interface
  • Vision application (Job) configurator
  • Modular imaging blocks
  • Flexible camera communication
  • Reliable image processing & vision library
  • ML and DL based Analysis
  • Vision Analysis
  • Vision Display
  • Debug logging
  • Multithreading
  • Python Script Editor
  • Video Image Extractor
  • Deployment Job runs on Windows, Linux and Linux for ARM, IVIS

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