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Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

Information Technology revolution has changed the way the world lives. Electronic gadgets and devices exist in our society in myriad forms. Along with this development the amount of criminal activities associated with electronic devices also started increasing. Every crime has an electronic component associated with it. The investigation and analysis of these will be very pivotal in modern crime investigations. So, investigators have to deal with large volumes of digital devices as material evidence. These digital evidences have to undergo analysis and sometimes to be shared with external agencies for detailed analysis. Maintaining chain of custody and managing the life cycle of evidence is extremely difficult in such situations. The Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) is a web evidence management system developed by C-DAC, Thiruvananthapuram. The DEMS is mainly targeted for law enforcement agencies and analysis labs for managing large volumes of digital evidence including the chain of custody. It shall also be used for enterprises or government departments, who have to handle digital evidence.

Salient Features
  • Provision to include additional dynamic fields to capture all details of Cases and Evidences
  • Provision to securely upload all forms digital images belonging to hard disk, image files, audio files, video files, Call Data Records (CDR) and mobile phones
  • Provide secure access to all digital images for authorized users
  • Extensive search and filter capabilities for Cases and Evidences
  • Email/SMS Notifications for updates on Cases and Evidences
  • Facility to upload analysis reports
  • Multiple levels of authorization for users
  • Feature rich dashboard for quick insight
  • Workflow support Case and Evidence Life Cycle Management
  • Rule based Service Level Agreements (SLA) for Case and Evidence handling
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting

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