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Chitrankan OCR for Indian languages

In our present knowledge based society, digital information plays a key role.  For information to be easily accessible, it must be converted into a digital form. Over time we are saddled with vast volumes of legacy data along with newly created records in physical format. It becomes almost impossible to retrieve vast pieces of information quickly from physical records. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is the way forward to make this happen.

Our vast treasure-trove of literary heritage comprising printed books, manuscripts, documents etc. are getting impossible to protect and preserve. Over the years these documents become so fragile that we can’t even hold them properly and read the contents. To maintain and preserve the information contained in the old documents such as newspaper cuttings, critical academic and technical works the solution lies in digitization.

Even digitally created documents (printed newspapers, magazines, corporate reports, etc.) need to be calibrated for data analytics applications to solve various problems.  Modern OCR techniques make it possible to preserve information as well as turn offices ‘paper-free’ and information easily searchable.

Use Cases
  • Office automation
  • Archival of text matters/ Business card reader
  • Data entry tasks
  • Banking/Legal/Healthcare/Education/Finance/Government agencies
  • eBook generation/Searchable menu/signboards/Number plates
Salient Features
  • Wide ranging input image formats


  • Output formats

Allows users to export recognized Unicode text into various output formats like TXT, UTF-8

  • Languages Supported

Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gurumukhi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada

Language support for Sanskrit, Gujarati, coming soon ...

  • Handling document complexities

Colour, gray, skewed, scanned, camera-captured, illuminated, perspective, single-column, multicolumn document images

  • Editing tools and modules (optional customized components)

Keyboard (Inscript and Phonetic), prediction support while typing in phonetics and Spellchecker

Technical Specifications

  • Available as web service.



Platform Required (if any)

  • This solution is deployable over Local Servers / Data Centers.
  • Chitrankan OCR can be made available as cloud services on-demand.


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