Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

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Brief Description

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle is a tethered submersible, controlled by a pilot located on land or from a vessel in the water. An umbilical tether cable contains a group of cables that carry electrical power, video and data signals back and forth between the operator and ROV.









Main uses and domain

  • Dam inspections

  • Real-time monitoring of marine construction

  • Evidence search for Police and recovery operation

  • Port and harbour security tasks

  • Ship hull inspections

  • Salvage operations

  • Inspection of water tanks and systems

  • Search and rescue (SAR) operations

Features and Technical Specifications


  • Operates with five powerful, reliable, magnetically coupled DC brushless thrusters

  • Four degrees of freedom

  • Auto heading and depth

  • Camera with Pan/Tilt

  • Depth Rating up to 100 meter

  • Depth, heading, pitch, roll, temperature and humidity sensors

  • Multiple I/O's (RS-232, RS-485)

  • Operates from 230V, 50Hz / battery

Platform required(if any)


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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Group Head, Strategic Electronics Group
C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram
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