Industrial Real time Expert System Shell (iRESS)

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Brief Description

iRESS comprises Real Time Expert System Shell, Learning Engine & Failure Forecast Engine, and is an integrated software tool which can be used by system developers and domain experts to develop Knowledge-based systems. This tool allows creation of Knowledge Base (Hybrid KB), by encoding an expert's knowledge as a set of rules and frames and does inference using built in backward or forward chaining Inference Engine. The tool is designed to interface with external SCADA systems via plug-in modules like OPC DA 2.0 and OSI Soft PI interface. Can be used for alarm diagnosis and failure prediction. Applications developed with iRESS are used in problem-solving and decision-making in a particular domain.









Main uses and domain

Process Industries, Power Plant, Pulp & Paper, Sugar Industry, Water Treatment Plant, Food processing Industry, sewer network monitoring systems etc.

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Web based Expert System Framework

  • Online Operator Interface

  • Interactive Knowledge Base Editor

  • Hybrid Knowledge Base

  • Forward/ Backward chaining Inference Engine

  • Online & Interactive modes of operations for Inference Engine

  • Explanation facility

  • Case sheet logging

  • Interface to external SCADA system via OPC connectivity or OSIsoft PI interface

  • Learning Engine which updates Knowledge Base with new rules

  • Failure Forecast Engine

Platform required(if any)


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