MobileCheck Forensic Solution for Mobile Phones & Smart Phones

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MobileCheck is a digital forensics solution for Basic phones, Feature Phones, Smart phones and GPS Devices. The solution supports acquisition, analysis and reporting of evidence from mobile devices. The major tools in the MobileCheck solution are Imager, Analyser and SmartPASSeR


The tool enables users to create forensics images of various types of mobile devices. Supports more than 14000 phone models of various brands. The major features of Imager are the following:-

Major Features

MobileCheck Analyser

MobileCheck Analyser enables investigators to perform complete analysis of the acquired phone images with its various built-in features. The tool supports recovery evidence from logical/physical/MTP/backup of phone images and generate comprehensive report. The major features Include

MobileCheck File Views

Social networking Apps analysis

Visual Analytics

Search Facility

Backup Analysis



SmartPASSeR, Smart Phone Android Screen Security Remover, is an unlocking tool for removing the PIN, Password and Pattern security feature from Samsung Android phones.


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