True Random Number Generator (TRNG) Tool

True Random Number Generator (TRNG) Tool

Brief Description

The TRNG tool, developed by CDAC, uses the Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) based Ring Oscillator (RO) as a source of entropy. TRNG plays a very critical role in the field of cryptography and it could be used in many applications such as one-time password generation, cryptographic key generation and cryptographic salt generation etc.

Main uses and domain

  • One time password generation
  • Cryptographic key generation

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Random bit stream generation rate - 100 Mbps
  • Post-processing with Von Neumann corrector to eliminate bias in the input bits
  • Protected against side-channel attacks
  • Passes all fifteen statistical tests of NIST SP 800-22
  • Integrated NIST SP 800-22 statistical testing as software
  • Option to choose the number of bits required
  • Option to choose the number of tests to be covered under statistical testing
  • Option to test external file against NIST SP 800-22 statistical testing
  • Multiple random bit stream file generation
  • Multi-core implementation of statistical testing for better performance
  • 100 million bits can be generated and tested typically within 2 minutes on a quad-core machine
  • Display of random bit streams in Binary, Base-16 and Base-26 modes
  • Display of each test’s statistical property
  • Supported on standard Linux variants
  • Red Hat 6.5
  • Ubuntu12.04

Platform required (if any):

True random number generator tool can be targeted for FPGA based systems

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