COPS-TARA (Transmission of Aggregated data for Real time Access)


Brief Description

COPS-TARA (Transmission of Aggregated data for Real time Access) is a compact GSM/GPRS modem specifically designed to transfer MODBUS compatible device data to remote location. COPS-TARA supports Standard Meter Communication Protocol (like MODBUS TCP/IP) for transmission of data over GSM/GPRS Network. The module can be extended for other communication protocols like DLMS, IEC 60870 101 and IEC 60870 104. It provides an effective solution for transmission of the MODBUS supported ABT Meter data to the control center.

Main uses and domain

  • Domain: Power sector
  • For providing GSM based SCADA Solution

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Self-recovery for any signal failure
  • Automatically connect to the Server when powered ON or rebooted
  • Overcomes the RTT (Round Trip Time) time
  • Maximum transmission time to send data to remote location is around 1.4 seconds

Platform required (if any):


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