Brief Description

The COPS ICCP Stack supports all conformance blocks of ICCP and the framework provides a user friendly configuration interface. It also co-locates the current ICCP systems which were used by SCADA or Power Utilities. It has the unique feature of self-healing from the ICCP process failure and also interoperability can be achieved by using the complete stack of ICCP between the control centres and within the control centres. The multi-agent has been used for diagnostic tool to manage and configure for a complete ICCP link and monitor the health of the ICCP network.

Main uses and domain

  • Domain: Power Sector

Features and Technical Specifications

The primary features of the product includes

  • Self-healing from logical port failure using agent technology
  • Supports all 9 functional blocks of ICCP
  • The software is compatible with IPv6 communication

Platform required (if any): Server

Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Nagesh R, nageshr[at]cdac[dot]in
Aswath Rao, aswath[at]cdac[dot]in
Bindhumadhava, bindhu[at]cdac[dot]in