CoSiCoSt (Composite Signal Control Strategy)

Brief Description

CoSiCoSt is the Adaptive traffic control system (ATCS) application. The ATCS is formed by the traffic signal controller (UTCS, WiTraC, CUTE), TraMM and the CoSiCoSt.

Main uses and domain

Road traffic management for urban network

Features and Technical Specifications

TCS responds to changes in traffic patterns in real-time belong to the latest generation of signalized intersection control. They continuously detect vehicular traffic volume, compute "optimal" signal timings based on this detected volume and simultaneously implement them at the traffic junctions. Reacting to these volume variations generally results in reduced delays, shorter queues and decreased travel times. In Adaptive Traffic Control Systems, the traffic signals in a particular area are coordinated in such a way that an objective function is optimized. The Composite Signal Control Strategy (CoSiCoSt) developed by C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram optimizes a weighted combination of delay and number of stops in real-time. CoSiCoSt is designed to cater to the typical Indian driving and traffic conditions such as non-lane based driving in mixed traffic flow conditions. CoSiCoSt bears an Indian Patent (No: 239258 Title: A Method for Synchronizing Heterogeneous Road Traffic and System thereof) jointly owned by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) and C-DAC.

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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Shri. Satheesh G ,
Section Head, Intelligent Transportation & Networking Section,
C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram