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Multilingual Computing

India is a unique country in the world having 22 scheduled languages besides heritage languages and over one hundred widely used languages with different scripts. Despite a very impressive growth of computers and the Internet over the past few decades, most of the content on the Internet and most of the ICT based solutions in India are still available only in English. This is in stark contrast to the ground reality as hardly 10% of Indians use English as a language for communication. C-DAC realized long ago that penetration of IT to masses is possible in India only if we develop tools and technologies to overcome this language barrier. Hence, for over the last 25 years, C-DAC has been pursuing pioneering research in Language Technology and Heritage Computing.

Cross Lingual Information Extraction & Retrieval

Breaks language barrier and making information accessible..

E-Learning / Tutoring System

E-Learning/Tutoring System applications..

Indian Language Fonts, Corpora, Dictionaries & Tools

C-DAC has developed several True Type Fonts...

Indian Language for Media

C-DAC has been a pioneer in the area of multilingual...

Indian Language on Embedded Devices

Right from the development of the first commercial...


C-DAC has developed localization frameworks for...

Machine Aided Translation

C-DAC has a number of solutions for translation...

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing based Applications..


C-DAC developed an Oriya OCR that provides...

Speech Technology

C-DAC is working in the area of speech recognition...


C-DAC has helped in establishing standards...

NLP Tools

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tools...