Universal Speech to Speech Translation

USTAR (Universal Speech Translation Advance Research Consortium) is an international research consortium conducting R&D on a network based speech to speech translation (S2ST), with the aim to break language barriers of the world.


  • Multi device application "VoiceTra4U-M" helps in communication among usersspeaking different languages.
  • Targets the travel-related conversations at airports, hotels, shops and restaurants.
  • Can performs Speech translation between 23*22 language pairs
  • Based on ITU-T standards F.745 and H.625
  • Free App "VoiceTra 4u" downloadable via itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/voicetra-4u/id537952299?mt=8
  • Operates in 'Single' as well as 'Chat Mode'
  • SDK available under New BSD Licence

For Further Details Please Contact:
Speech and Natural Language Processing Lab
Anusandhan Bhawan, C-56/1,Institutional Area,
Sector - 62,Noida - 201307,UP,India
Ph. No: 0120 - 3063302
email: email:   karunesharora[at]cdac[dot]in