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C-DAC has been a pioneer in the area of multilingual media and broadcast. Porting of Indian languages onto the Video medium has enabled millions of Indians to see films sub-titled in their language of choice. Tickers and banners on TV stations, News Channels, Cable operators, etc. use C-DAC's fonts and technologies. LIPS Live (Language Independent Programme Subtitles on air) technology has made it possible to subtitle movies and programs in Indian languages. Several products like MOVE CG 2001 simplify the titling of video programs with high resolution aesthetic fonts. MultiPrompter is a solution for teleprompting in Indian languages for TV channels that are mushrooming in the Indian subcontinent. Now MPEG-II based DVD authoring products are also available. Electronic Programming Guides (EPGs) on DTH networks are localized with the help of C-DAC technologies.

Standardization of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for Indian Languages

C-DAC has already developed the IPA for Bangla language, and is currently developing IPAs for Assamese, Manipuri, Bodo, Punjabi and Marathi.

International Domain Names (IDN)

C-DAC is assisting NIXI in supporting Indian language domain names. Details of this initiative are available at http://idn.cdac.in

Language Learning/Tutors

C-DAC had developed LILA [Learn Indian Languages through Artificial intelligence] series of Language Tutors namely LILA Prabodh, LILA Praveen, LILA Pragya, LILA Foreigner etc. More information can be obtained from http://lilappp.cdac.in. These tutors are available on the CDs, Internet and Mobile MMCs. Other systems developed are Certificate course in Hindi (Online Praveshika); e-Mahashabdkosh - domain based Bi-Lingual and Bi-Directional Hindi/English dictionaries with pronunciation; Online Examination System for Hindi Prabodh, Praveen and Pragya.

Marathi Tutor is an online system for learning Marathi from vocabulary to sentence formation. It follows a non-grammar based approach, modelled on the way children learn their first language.