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The solution is designed to extend the existing telemedicine and HIMS systems to mobile technologies. This system uses the mobile communications services to develop generic Body Area Network and a generic healthcare service platform for monitoring the following parameters: ECG, EMG, Pulse rate, Respiration Rate, Skin Temperature, Blood Flow, and Saturated Percentage of Oxygen. mSwasthya also covers various mobile health applications for home care and are available freely for download at mGov store.

HIMT - Health Informatics via Mobile Technologies

HIMT is a suite of health applications developed using Mobile technology. Applications range from relatively easy health awareness applications to location based medical services. It is targeted towards mobile users to create health awareness and assist them to easily locate nearest health services. These applications encompass health assessment through calculators, health indices as well as applications designed specifically for health awareness. It also offers services e.g. generate alerts through SMS to get immediate help in emergency condition. Some applications would create awareness within the society about disease out breaks as well as comprehend people about preventive majors that need to be adopted for a particular epidemic. HIMT applications are broadly categorized into three main areas; Health awareness, Preventive care and treatment, and Emergency services.

MosQuIT - Mobile based Surveillance Quest using IT

MoSQuIT is a Disease surveillance system for Malaria using mobile platform. It enables effective data-collection/updation/collation for a centralized repository, thereby reducing the time required for information proliferation and initiation of appropriate action by State Health department. MoSQuIT connotes the systematic and continuous watch/vigil over the status of malaria in the community. It helps monitor, plan for control measures, and will help detect both spatial and temporal changes in the long run. It triggers an early warning system in identifying potential outbreaks which frequently occur in this region. In particular, the system helps prevent and control malaria in the community.

CerviSCAN - Semi automated system for Cervical Cancer screening

Cancer of the uterine cervix is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. CerviSCAN is a computer assisted screening solution developed by C-DAC along with the RCC, Trivandrum, where the digitized images of the PAP-Smear are analysed and classified through image processing and machine learning algorithms. This software increases cytologist efficiency by pre-marking samples for potentially cancerous/non-cancerous cases.

mCare - Public Health Information Management System using mHealth

mCare uses mobile devices to provide a health management system that could enhance the quality of health care provided by the health workers. The product has two major components: Handheld device based data collection module and Web-based Health management information infrastructure module. The system maintains a centralized demographic and public health data, which can be used for analytics.

Health Care Knowledge System

HCKS is a web enabled health related Semantic Networks using Concept Maps. Thousands of health information pages have been transformed into 300+ concept maps. This eHealth solution is deployable through Website / Kiosks / Tablet / Mobile Phone etc. to promote Public Health care Awareness and Health Education in the North-East regions of India, Goa Medical College, Navodaya Medical College (Karnataka), National Institute of H&FW (New Delhi). Common people, students and medical practitioners find this eHealth solution a very effective one for faster and "At-a-Glance" meaningful understanding of important interrelated health care concepts. This is a new experience to human cognition for quick understanding of Diseases, Symptoms, Prevention, Diets, Diagnosis, Symptoms Checking and Treatments.

Personal Health Record Management System

Cloud-based citizen-controlled integrated Personal Health Record https://myhealthrecord.nhp.gov.in

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