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This application covers most of the clinical requirements. It includes following tools:

  • Maanusha Vritta (Personal Information Management System)
  • Case Analysis
  • Master Data Management
  • Vyaadhi Nidaana (Diagnosis and Treatment)


Maanusha Vritta (Personal Information and Management System):

A tool for documentation of clinical data considering various needs of practice and research. It also provides facility of case analysis and addition of physician's own data



  • Useful for documentation and analysis of clinical data.
  • Facility of storing data of various pathological, radiological investigations.
  • Facility of storing images, sound files, ECG, X-Ray, video files etc.
  • Import and export of patient information from one physician to another which is useful for referral and multi-centric clinical trials


Case Analysis:

  • Multidimensional analysis of clinical data for research and evidence based generation
  • Extensive study of correlations between patient's diagnostic information, investigations, treatment information etc.
  • Statistical study based on captured data


Master Data Management:

Enables user to add Causative Factors, Signs and Symptoms, Diseases, Dietary Recipes, Lifestyle, Medicines etc.


Vyaadhi Nidaana (Diagnosis and Treatment):

Provides decision support for probable diagnosis and treatment. It is based on comprehensive diagnostic and treatment data.


Diagnosis Features:

  • Systematic examination tool as per classical guidelines
  • Examinations by various modes
    • Signs and Symptoms
    • Causative Factors
    • Systematic Examination
    • Assessment of organs
  • Diagnosis on the basis of Signs and Symptoms and Causative Factors
  • Diagnosis based on Probability & Weightages
  • Differential Diagnosis facility for more precision
  • Diagnosis considering different stages of signs and symptoms (Poorvaroopa, Roopa, Upadrava etc.)
  • Diagnosis of disease with the status of different pathogenesis factors. (Dosha, Dhaatu, Mala, Agni, etc.)


Treatment Features:

  • Treatment as per disease, its subtype, patient's status, pathogenesis etc.
  • Suggests treatment in form of formulations, single drug, dietary recipes, lifestyle, therapeutic procedures etc.
  • Treatment considering indications and contraindications.
  • Documentation of diagnostic and treatment related information.


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