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Anveshaka (Data Mining Tool)

Anveshaka is an interactive and high-speed data-mining tool useful for analyzing Ayurveda related data. It is useful to researchers and students for carrying out precise analytical search of classical data.

The Ayurvedic data drawn from the classical texts has been categorized in AyuSoft as Causative Factors (Hetu), Signs and Symptoms (Lakshan`a), Diseases and Subtypes (Vyaadhi), Treatment (Chikitsaa), Dietary Recipes (Aahaara), Lifestyle (Vihaara), Single Drugs (Dravya), Formulations (Kalpa) and Procedure (Chikitsa Karma). The tool is also endowed with facilities to enable data export in different modes (C.S.V, MS Excel).

It comprises of the following three modules:

Common Data Report:

  • Users can procure any available information by defining various complex search criteria using the criteria builder. E.g. Show Plant drugs in which Rasa equal to Madhura and Veerya equal to S`heeta and Karma equal to Brimhan`a Result: Search count  more than 35 (Like Aamalakee, Vidaaree and so on)
  • Analyzes more than 4 Lakh records on 272 parameters with different permutations & combinations

Vyaadhi Diagnosis Report:

  • Search data for probable diagnosis based on specified parameters like Causative Factors (Hetu), Signs and Symptoms (Lakshan`a), stage of Signs and Symptoms (Lakshan`a) and the specified Gender and Special Status of the person/patient
  • Users can select Causative Factors (Hetu) and Signs and Symptoms (Lakshan`a) through various classifications

Vyaadhi Treatment Report

  • Users can procure data related to the treatment of diseases in form of Formulations, Single Drugs, Therapeutic Procedure, Diet and Lifestyle
  • Search common treatment for two or more diseases
  • Users can also view the detailed description of each of the collected treatment data

Anveshaka 2 Anveshaka 3


  • Enables to create your own query as per the need.
  • Analyzes more than 4 lakh records.
  • Uses combinations of more than 272 criteria to generate query
  • Complex multidimensional query using operators like 'And', 'Or', 'Equal to', 'Not Equal to'.
  • It searches common treatment for two or more diseases.
  • This tool is endowed with facility to export data in different modes.


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