ViEW - Virtual Endoscopy

ViEW - Virtual Endoscopy

Colorectal cancer is one of the leading cancers affecting both men and women. Early stages of colon cancer occur as polyps along the inner lining of the colon surface. This can be prevented if these colon polyps are early detected and removed.

Endoscopy is an invasive procedure used to examine surface lining of the colon, by inserting a flexible tube with a light and camera into the body, that couldn't be seen any other way.

The product ViEW, developed jointly by C-DAC and Medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, incorporates the methods for 3D reconstruction of the colon structures from CT images and provides interactive visualization and navigation through the reconstructed colon.

Main uses and domain

  • Provides an alternative to conventional optical colonoscopy for early detection of polyps on the colon lining
  • Offers non-invasive and simpler procedure
  • Supports automatic polyp detection and visualization
  • Allows visualization of the outer surface of the colon, which was not possible with conventional endoscopic methods.
  • 2D axial and thumbnail view
  • Multiplanar reconstruction of DICOM image slices
  • Manual and automatic segmentation of the colon structures
  • 3D reconstruction and visualization of digestive tract with navigational tools
  • Volume rendering with 3D clipping, zoom and rotate features
  • Manual and automatic navigation to fly-through the internals of the colon
  • Record and play back function for navigation
  • Synchronized 3D & 2D navigation views
  • Automatic polyp detection and display
  • 3D measurements of the polyps
  • Quad Core processor/equivalent or above
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1 TB HDD
  • 4GB Graphics card with CUDA computing capability
  • UPS backup as required shall be included for the workstation and monitors
  • Windows OS







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