e-Aushadhi - A Complete Supply Chain Management System

'e-Aushadhi', which deals with the management of stock of various drugs, sutures and surgical items required by different district drug warehouses. The main aim of 'e-Aushadhi' is to ascertain the needs of various district drug warehouses such that all the required materials/drugs are constantly available to be supplied to the user district drug warehouses without delay. This includes classification/categorization of items, codification of items, quality check of these items, etc and finally issuing drugs to the patients, who is the final consumer in the chain.

Benefits and main objectives of 'e-Aushadhi':

  • To implement a transparent system for procurement, storage and distribution of quality drugs, supplies, equipments etc. required for the hospitals at reasonable competitive price.
  • To ensure adequate savings in the drug budget by scientific forecasting system based on the preparation of essential drug list and its actual consumption.
  • Monitoring the budget and drug consumption pattern by introducing pass book system.
  • To improve infrastructure of the existing drug ware house in district.
  • Streamline the Drug warehouse management, quality management, equipment inventory management, equipment complain chain management, equipment auction life cycle, human resource and finance management in an optimized and efficient manner.
  • Enhance the use of technology as a cost-effective solution to support the OSMC administration's step towards new direction.
  • Support the operational and strategic information needs of the OSMC.
  • Provide an infrastructure for the sharing of information and computer applications throughout the OSMC hierarchy.

The e-Aushadhi application is divided into layers based on the N-tier architecture. The layering model of the application is based on a responsibility layering strategy that associates each layer with a particular responsibility. This strategy has been chosen because it isolates various system responsibilities from one another, so that it improves both system development and maintenance.

Each layer has specific responsibilities.

  • The presentation layer deals with the presentation logic and the pages rendering
  • The control layer manages the access to the Business Logics layer
  • The data access layer is responsible for the access to the enterprise information system (databases or other sources of information)
  • The Business Logics layer is related to the business logic and manages the accesses to the data access layer.
  • The Helper layer it supports the presentation layer.

HIMS N-tier Architecture

  • Top down Approach helps Head Quarter in Better Monitoring and Control down the line.
  • Help in better Planning and Execution at all administrative level.
  • Efficient control on supply and Inventory.
  • Complete Package for Centralized Supply Chain Management System supporting with best functionality.
  • Best Performance with high number of users.
  • Able to extend the functionality as per Department's choice and available Infrastructure.
  • Quality Control on Drugs and monitoring and control on Quality of Drugs.
  • Online Drug Distribution to Patient on DDC.
  • Intra Depot Excess or Short drug transfer integrated with HQ.
  • Supplier Payment linked with Supplier Performance.
  • Help and Solution Desk for Users.
  • Provide bar coding Interface for areas such as Drug Receiving and Issuance, QC Sample Issuance etc.
  • Audit logging of transactions.
  • Comprehensive User Management and Security.
  • Dynamic and Standard reports.
  • SMS and Email functionality for sending SMS/Email communication to indentified recipients.
  • To achieve transparency by way of implementing Barcode Standardization and Digital Signature
  • To bring in standardization in processes by making system more configurable
  • Nationwide Implementation of e-Aushadhi MoU with MOH&FW
  • CIMS "Current Index of Medical Specialties"
  • MDDS "Meta Data and Data Standards"
  • GS -1 Bar Codes Compliance
  • ICD-10
  • Rajasthan

  • Maharashtra

  • Odisha

  • Rajasthan State e-Governance (2013) award for e-Aushadhi

  • Skoch Order of Merit (2013) Award for e-Aushadhi

  • e-Aushadhi- INDIA's BEST 2013

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