C-DAC is working in the field of Biometrics focusing on Fingerprint, Iris, Vascular, Periocular, Handwritten Signature, Voice and Face Recognition. Research efforts are also being made for developing multi-biometric products/solutions (using Fingerprint, Iris, etc. modalities).

Biometric Solutions

  • The BharatiyaAFIS Suite: Bharatiya Automated Fingerprint Identification System Suite is a family of fingerprint biometric products (Systems and SDKs), which are in compliance to the various International Standards.
  • Bharatiya-IRIS: Iris Recognition and Identity Solution for identification of individuals using their irides.
  • Touchscreen-based Bharatiya Biometric Attendance System: Centralized, web-based Biometric Attendance System (using Iris or Fingerprint for marking the attendance)
  • Automatic Face Recognition System