C-DACs eSign service

Brief Description

C-DAC has developed e-Hastakshar – C-DAC’s eSign service that facilitates instant signing of documents online by citizens in a legally acceptable form. Using this, an Aadhaar holder with registered mobile number with Aadhaar can electronically sign a form/document anytime, anywhere, using any device. Through e-Hastakshar, C-DAC offers hassle-free fully paperless citizen services and convenience to users. C-DAC utilizes service of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for on-line authentication and Aadhaar e-KYC service.

Main uses and domain

C-DAC’s eSign service facilitates instant signing of documents online by citizens in a legally acceptable form. The services are being leveraged by various applications such as Digital Locker, Financial Sector, government agencies for internal office uses, Legal Document Signing

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Indigenously developed software for online digital signature
  • Online authentication using Aadhaar OTP based authentication
  • Uses Aadhaar e-KYC service to faciliate digital signing of documents
  • Provides legally valid signatures as per IT Act
  • Using Open API facilitates applications to leverage digital signing service
  • Ensures privacy of the users by requiring only the thumbprint (hash) of the document for signature instead of the whole document
  • C-DAC follows the guidelines of CCA and Aadhaar to provide security
  • C-DAC offers Aadhaar-eKYC-OTP class of Digital Certificate
  • C-DAC is empaneled as eSign Service Provider (ESP) and a Certifying Authority (CA)

Platform required(if any)

Offered as webservices through XML, Platform Agnostic

Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Email: ess[at]cdac[dot]in
Website: https://esign.cdac.in
Phone No.: 020-25503379/020-25503336/020-25503350