Statement of Services provided

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Statement of Services provided:

In order to provide the highest degree of satisfaction to the customer
C-DAC undertakes the following:

  • Free maintenance services during warranty period for the goods supplied.
  • Software maintenance to ensure that all bugs in the software developed & deployed are fixed in the stipulated period.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for post warranty support of systems supplied if required by the customer.
  • C-DAC's GIST Multilingual and Multimedia products are marketed through its dealer network. C-DAC customers are the end users of these. The necessary service support to these customers is usually provided through this dealer network.
  • In Education and Training sector, through its Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS), C-DAC's clients are a large number of students who undergo training through its diverse courses offered at a number of its authorized training centres. The services to these students include high quality education through aptly qualified and trained instructors, and suitably searched books.
  • In the GIST based training provided through the Programme for Advancing Computer Education (PACE), the students undergo training at a large number of GIST PACE bureaus, and the services of various State Coordinators and the Bureaus are available to address any enquiry.