F90IDE - A Comprehensive Development Environment for Fortran

Command line tools pose various complexities for an application developer. The need to memorize command line options and shuttle between the editor and the compiler severely reduces a programmer's productivity.
The 90IDE* (Fortran 90 Integrated Development Environment) overcomes these difficulties by providing a new method of developing Fortran 77/90 applications using easy to learn visual tools. The F90IDE is more of a visual automated environment that creates fast and easy applications in Fortran.


The F90IDE is an Integrated Development Environment for program developers to write, compile, debug and run FORTRAN applications. It has an aesthetically arranged GUI that supports multiple editor windows. The IDE also provides a context-sensitive editor that supports unlimited undo and redo and automatic update of information without saving. The environment also includes support for project management, browser, profiler and Fortran 77 to Fortran 90 converter.


  • Supports both FORTRAN and C applications
  • Performs project management with make file generator
  • Provides source level debugger & function level browser
  • Creates profile information of loops and functions
  • Provided with a converter for migrating Fortran 77 to F90


  • Concept of workspace allows the user in handling the projects efficiently
  • The File View and Function View are available by clicking on the project tree structure


  • Source level debugger with facility to debug both FORTRAN and C applications
  • Ability to insert and remove break points at cursor position with mouse interface


  • An advanced source code browser for Fortran 90 programs
  • Graphically represents the dependency between the subprograms and modules by Call graph and Mod graph
  • Helps the programmer to comprehend the system well, fine tuning an application and reengineering the application programs
  • Handles internal and module procedures across files


  • Provides a profile visualization tool for FORTRAN and C applications by Bar chart or Pie chart display
  • Provides representation of the time consumed by different functions and subroutines in the program as a percentage of total time or time in seconds and indicates the possible areas of performance improvement
  • Creates profile information for loops in the program


C-DAC Fortran Compiler is a highly optimizing Fortran 90 compliant compiler. It provides support for MPI based parallel programming and mixed language programming with C.


C-DAC's C-F77 to 90 is an extremely powerful tool to automatically convert the Fortran 77 code to Fortran 90 code. The converter can extract an enhanced performance available in modern architectures by using powerful constructs available in Fortran90. Hence, the conversion is much more than a simple translation of syntax. The following are some of the features of the converter.

  • Generation of new source form
  • Removal of obsolete features
  • Elimination of reduction of GOTOs and labels
  • Generation of array syntax in place of loops
  • Creation of MODULEs from COMMONs
  • Automatic generation of interface blocks

Fortran 90 Language Features

  • Free and fixed source formats
  • Data type encapsulation
  • Dynamic data structures
  • Operator overloading
  • Generic procedures
  • Modular & Recursive programming
  • Full array language with triplet notation
  • Rich set of intrinsic procedures
  • Keyword and optional arguments


Supported Hardware - PC Workstation Clusters
Supported Operating System AIX, Solaris and Linux
User Interfaces GUI
Supported Languages Fortran and C
Prerequisite softwares CDF90, gcc, gdb, Java



Users of F90IDE are mainly scientists with huge and multiple scientific applications in F90 and F77.