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BengaluruC-DAC, Bengaluru centre, is the 2nd of C-DAC centres established in 1989 to carry-out research and deliver solutions and products in the area of System Software for PARAM series of supercomputers of C-DAC. PARAM Padma was housed at C-DAC's Terascale Supercomputing Facility (CTSF), results from its third mission project in High-Performance Computing Technologies, which was listed in the Top 500 Supercomputers.

The centre is equipped with PARAM Utkarsh Supercomputing facility, contributing towards National Super computer mission (NSM) and offers HPC System Software solutions & services along with development of debuggers, profilers, web frameworks, high speed data transfer tools for national grid computing, AI framework & big data Software suites, and gateways for multiple scientific application domains.

The centre is highly acclaimed as a centre for excellence in the thematic areas of HPC, Grid Computing, Hardware Security, Cyber Security, IoT, DNSSec, Strategic Electronics, FOSS and Software Technologies, Language and Heritage Computing, Knowledge & Resource Centre for Accessibility, ICT for Social welfare, Consultancy and Training. C-DAC Bengaluru is enriched with indigenous solutions in cloud security, next generation SCADA systems, Industrial control systems, critical infrastructure Security, power optimization for HPC, Network firewall systems, Indian Heritage and Language computing, IoT solutions for smart cities, Smart Post Kiosk, Indus IoT Kit, IoT Lab Kit, Indus Copter, Smart Energy Meter, ICT for Social Welfare, 32-bit High performance Microcontroller, chip design, crypto module validation and Quantum Simulator. This center is involved in disseminating vast experience for the enrichment of education and knowledge. Apart from the R& D projects, C-DAC Bangalore offers the following services:
  • Onsite Application services for HPC and other IT applications
  • Conducting training programs in the emerging areas of Parallel Programming, Many core GPGPU / accelerator architectures, Cloud computing, Grid computing, High performance Peta-exascale computing, etc.
  • Porting of applications on state-of-the-art HPC system and parallelization of serial codes
  • Provide design consultancy in the emerging technology areas
  • Scientific software products for Parallel Programming such as Automatic Code Parallelizer, Parallel Program Development Environment, HPC Profiler, etc.
  • Cloud Builder and Labkit, Porting applications to Cloud, cloud based solutions
  • Design and Development of custom web based solutions such as Problem Solving Environments, Scientific Workflows, Portals, IDEs, etc.
  • Advanced Security audit, disaster recovery, designing and implementing the security policy
  • Provide C-DAC’s HPC Systems Facility as a service for exploratory study
  • Benchmarking of Applications to assess HPC requirement for the respective applications
Some of the prestigious clients are as follows:
  1. Chief Electoral Officer – Karnataka
  2. POSOCO, New Delhi
  3. DRDO Labs
  4. Office of CCA, MeitY
  5. Bharat Electronics Ltd.
  6. Bangalore Metro Rail Corpn. Ltd., Bangalore
  7. Continental Automotive Components, Bangalore
  8. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).
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