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   Year 2008  

You have chosen to go through the news clippings for the Year - 2008. In case you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please try our Archive Search.

In the News Date
Open ICANN mulls technical feasibility of Indian domain names news Feb 14
Open Source has potential with solutions for the disabled
Feb 17
आयटी विद्यार्थ्यांना सक्षम करण्यासाठी सी-डॅक राबवणार 'टेक संगम'
Apr 06
C-DAC efforts bear fruits
Apr 06
परम महासंगणकासाठी सुपरफास्ट जाळे
Apr 06
C-DAC turns 21, keen on taking information tech to masses
Apr 06
सी-डॅकचे चार नवीन सॉफ्टवेर विकसित
Apr 06
'सी-डॅक' तर्फे चार सॉफ्टवेर विकसित
Apr 06
Now search in local languages
Apr 06
C-DAC launches 'G-Class'
Apr 06
'सी-डॅक' ने नवनिर्मिती करावी - नांबियार
Apr 07
सी-डॅकने पायाभूत सोयींसाठी अतिरिक्त निधी उभारावा - नांबियार
Apr 07
Tamilnadu is an example for others in IT
Apr 09
शिक्षण, संशोधन आणि उद्योग यात समन्वय हवा
Apr 30
'सी-डॅक' ला वेध 'महपरमपद्म' महासंगणनाचे
Apr 30
बायोइन्फॉर्मेटिक्सच्या प्रसारासाठी खासगी क्षेत्राने पुढे यावे
Apr 30
40-teraflop supercomputer from C-DAC
Apr 30
Utilise Grid technology
Apr 30
DeitY to take Bioinformatics to farmers
Apr 30
C-DAC set to augment supercomputing capacity
Apr 30
Web designing to e-mail, Now everything is possible in Gujarati
May 02
Gujarati language proudly enters Digital Age: Kumarpal Desai
May 02
Gujarati Software and Fonts CD launched
May 02
Web designing to e-mail, Now everything is possible in Gujarati
May 02
Now e-mail in Gujarati language
May 02
गुजराती सॉफ्टवेयर व फॉन्ट की सीडी का विमोचन
May 02
C-DAC launches Gujarati fonts, new software
May 02
गुजराती सॉफ्टवेयर व फॉन्ट की सीडी का विमोचन
May 03
Now all work on computers possible in Gujarati
May 04
IT Dept. releases Gujarati software tools, fonts May 05
C-DAC : Two Decades of Innovation June 02
C-DAC to redefine language processing July 01
Now, a portal for poor in remote areas July 04
Netizens, now search in your language July 05
President launches portal to connect the rural poor July 07
Now, cell to read out messages in Hindi July 11
Lose some, win most July 11
C-DAC software to aid healthcare sector Sep 04
New C-DAC software kit to help medics Sep 03
C-DAC comes up with innovative medical informatics kit Sep 05
मेडिकल इन्फर्मेशन चे उद्या उद्‌घाटन Sep 04
सी-डॅक' ने आणले मेडिकल सॉफ्टवेअर Sep 03
वैद्यकीय क्षेत्रासाठी सीडॅकची नवी प्रणाली Sep 04
Two-day meet on ICT for differently-abled Sep 11