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   Participants of National Children's Science Congress 2001 visit C-DAC  

Pune, Dec 27, 2001

Students attending the National Children's Science Congress 2001 visited C-DAC's National PARAM Supercomputing Facility (NPSF) here today.

The objective was to provide the students with an insight of NPSF and its expertise.

Supporting the initiative of the organizers of the National Children's Science Congress 2001, Shri. R.K. Arora, Executive Director, C-DAC said, "C-DAC appreciates the efforts and would like to participate in programs to develop and nurture scientific proclivity of the youth". "Participating students from all over the country will be given an opportunity to get a glimpse of the activities of C-DAC and interact with our scientists during the period of the Congress," he added.

The visitors were taken around NPSF and briefed on the activities of
C-DAC and NPSF. NPSF offered the students a rare opportunity to see the PARAM series of supercomputers developed and designed by C-DAC. This included C-DAC's PARAM 10000, having a peak computing power of 100 GFlop with an architecture scalable to Teraflop range.

The students showed a keen interest in understanding and recognizing the applications of supercomputers, which was simplified through demonstrations on Touch Screen Kiosks and briefings by the scientists of C-DAC.

C-DAC has always been at the forefront in its attempt to share and impart knowledge to the youth in India. In recent times C-DAC has installed the PARAM 10000 at twelve premier institutes across India. One of the objectives of the NPSF has been to provide facilities to institutions / organizations primarily within India for fulfilling their computational needs.

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