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Health Informatics

Health Informatics

Effective use of ICT to improve the overall healthcare delivery system for providing better healthcare services to the masses

C-DAC has been working in the area of Health Informatics since early 90's. It has developed several solutions till date in this area. C-DAC has the ability to deliver appropriate solutions to address a wide spectrum of the country's current and future Health Informatics needs.

International Scenario of Health Informatics

Owing to the immense benefits that Health Informatics promises, this technology is gaining wide acceptance in both developed as well as developing nations. With the increased penetration of ICT and with increasing acceptance of computers in healthcare, the use of technologies for Health Informatics is gradually increasing in country. There is the effort to meet the following challenges:

  • The Electronic Medical Record: The records of all interactions with the healthcare system, including outpatient visits, diagnostic tests, and images, etc., are placed in an electronic record. A generic structure of an EMR for information interchange is yet to be agreed upon, internationally.
  • Systems for improved patient education and compliance: The value of medical interventions is limited by the ability of patients to understand the treatment and comply with them. A major challenge in Health Informatics is to develop technologies that can also assist in patient education.
  • Data mining for new medical knowledge: The term "data mining" is used to refer to the process of exploring large database to find new and unexpected correlations in the data that provide new medical knowledge. The technologies should be such that they encourage upgrade and enhancement with respect to the medical knowledge involved.
  • Universal access to these technologies: the technology should have reach and affordability with the weaker sections in mind.

C-DAC’s Current Activities in Health Informatics

C-DAC is carrying out the following activities in Health Informatics at its various centres:

  • Deployment of Telemedicine services in various states of India
  • Development of Medical Standard Libraries (DICOM & HL7)
  • Support activity for on-going telemedicine projects
  • Tele Health and Medical Education project Kerala
  • Web based Image processing and Telemedicine system for Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai
  • Data Management System for Oncology
  • Rural Telemedicine for Primary Health Centres
  • Low cost Mobile Telemedicine facility
  • ICT Based Distance Education Facility for Special Educators and other Rehabilitation Professionals
  • Medical Endoscopic Camera PoC
  • Motor Wheelchair for physically handicapped
  • Development and Implementation of TeleOphthalmology Application for the state of Punjab
  • Development of eSanjeevani
  • Development of the Software Development Kit For Biomedical Equipments
  • Identifying Low cost equipment
  • Cephalometry

C-DAC Products in Health Informatics

The products developed by C-DAC are:

  • E-Sushrut – a Hospital Information Management System (HMIS)
  • Mercury – Comprehensive EHR/EMR and Telemedicine Solution
  • SDK for DICOM – Software Development Kit for DICOM PS3.0-2004
  • SDK for HL7 – Software Development Kit for HL7 v2.5
  • Sanjeevani – a Telemedicine Solution
  • Tejas – a software suite for Oncology
  • Ayusoft – a Decision Support System for Ayurveda
  • iCare@Home – Integrative and Holistic HealthCare Solutions @home
  • e-Chavi – a Picture Archival Communication System (PACS)
  • Digital Programmable Hearing Aid

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