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High Performance Computing,
Grid & Cloud Computing
Multilingual Computing & Heritage Computing
Professional Electronics,
VLSI & Embedded Systems
Software Technologies including FOSS
Cyber Security & Cyber Forensics
Health Informatics
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Multilingual Computing
Web mail solution for mail server based on qmail, Vmailmgr and Courier-IMAP running on Redhat 7.0. It is a light weight and very fast solution to provide an easy-to-use web interface in Malayalam.
Chitrankan archives Indian Language content in electronic form through OCR. It enables the user to take a book, magazine or printed text in an Indian Language, feed it directly into an electronic computer file, and edit the file.
MAchiNe assisted TRAnslation tool (MANTRA) translates the English text into Hindi in a specified domain of Personal Administration, specifically Gazette Notifications, Office Orders, Office Memorandums and Circulars. The utility of MANTRA has to be viewed in the context of the Indian environment, its socio-economic and demographic conditions and its historical background.
A revolutionary new software that can be easily used to quickly create content in Perso-Arabic scripts.Capable of handling scripts written from right to left, Nashir is a comprehensive software for publishing and word Processing in Urdu, Sindhi and Kashmiri.
LISM, Indian Script Font Code (ISFOC) Manager for LINUX platform, enables the use of Indian languages on LINUX based applications. LISM is the ideal multilingual office automation solution for Indian language word processing and data processing, on-line communication, publishing - including web publishing and other applications.
The all new ISM Publisher, version 5, is even more powerful and versatile than ever before. Ideal for the publishing industry, the ISM range offers support for 12 Indian languages besides English, and boasts of a huge collection of designs and cliparts.
Shaili is a rich collection of computer generated designs which are inspired by the traditional Indian art forms. The CD consists of a variety of decorative Borders, Motifs, Tiles, Arches and Corners. Reusable ornamental components and borders are exclusively tuned for web page designing. Readymade decorative frames in A4 and A3 sizes are provided for the purpose of publishing.
Anveshak (The Quester) is a Natural Language based Information Retrieval system which can efficiently and accurately provide explicit information in natural language text to the question intended to be queried on a certain document.
Saranshak is a Natural Language Based Summarizer. This includes:
  • Automatically extracts the most relevant sentences from a document
  • Creates a summary from the document
  • Uses a set of ranking strategies on sentence and on word level to calculate the relevancy of a sentence to a document.
  • The length of the summary may be set by the user
(Multilingual Online Ticker And Logo Generator)
  • Online display of information any time and anywhere on the screen.
  • Import existing content or create fresh content using editing facility.
  • Online updating facility for breaking news, important announcements.
An expert system framework which allows creation of rule based expert systems by encoding expert's knowledge as a set of rules and knowledge inferencing done using in built backward chaining inference engine.